Automotive safety products

Automotive safety products

  • Wednesday, 03 June 2020
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[Vehicle Tools]

Spare tire: When the car has a flat tire, the spare tire is very necessary.

Jack: It is used to change the spare tire. When the tire is broken, it is convenient to change.

Fire line: when the vehicle is out of power and cannot start, it can be started by other vehicle batteries.

[Common emergency supplies for cars]

Small fire extinguisher: The fire extinguisher is very important when the car is on fire.

Medical first aid kit: in the event of an accident, you can simply treat the wound through the first aid kit.

Carpack kit: A small collection of useful items that are easy to find when you need them.

[Articles not allowed in the car]

Lighter: Lighter gas will be heated expansion, prone to explosion.

Carbonated beverage: summer temperature is high, carbonated beverage has gas originally, encounter heat appear expansion phenomenon, very easy to explode.

Battery/battery pack: These items are labeled in the manual as not to be used at high temperatures and are extremely explosive.

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