[Spring shock absorber life] shock absorber spring how often change

[Spring shock absorber life] shock absorber spring how often change

  • Monday, 15 June 2020
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Since the average car travels 20,000 kilometers a year and the shock absorbers are replaced in pairs, the replacement frequency is once every four years.

In fact, the frequency of replacement varies according to vehicle conditions, road conditions and shock absorber manufacturers.

The shock absorber will also be replaced for the following reasons:

One is to improve and update the original functional status;

Second, the car is subjected to excessive up and down and left and right vibration, braking nodding phenomenon and irregular tire wear;

The third is the excessive tilt or swing of the car when turning;

Fourth, the final assembly shell is worn or damaged, resulting in the shock absorber oil leakage and affecting the performance of the shock absorber;

Oil spills are the most common cause of shock absorbers' problems, and they can be caused by a number of factors, most commonly by a breach caused by a rampage.

How often is the shock absorber spring changed

Shock absorbers do not have to be replaced by springs, but only shock absorbers (commonly known as general reduction).

Under what circumstances shock absorbers and shock absorbers need to be replaced together.

Mainly for the front shock absorbers of cars.

Four or five years into the car's life, the shock absorber suggested an oil leak or noise, while the transect transect suggested a soft or distorted position.

When these two conditions are met at the same time, shock absorber and shock absorber basket need to be changed at the same time, and must be replaced with a complete set.

There is no need to replace the spring in the rear shock absorber of a car. If there is a problem with the rear shock absorber of a car, only a new shock absorber core can be replaced.

If the spring is found to be soft or hard, you only need to replace the shock absorber.

And shock springs should be replaced in pairs, not just one spring.

The reason is very simple, change a shock absorber will affect the balance of the car, left and right pair of change will not affect.

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